Making sound seem simple! - L'audio, c'est notre affaire!


All inclusive services under the same roof! (Casting, Detection, Adaptation, Directing, etc.)
Instead of handing off the casting process to a Director and his/her friends, we embark on a complete casting process to truly search out the perfect voice to match your actors, promoting a fresh rotation of voices and opening the door for new undiscovered talent.

We always include our director in the casting process, and offer a tailored, yet diverse amount of choices to our clients, to ensure that everyone involved is pleased and confident with our selections.
Directors, Detectors, Adapters, and Technicians are all staff members, and create a powerhouse team ready to handle your project.

Once we begin, we take the video and the script and the appropriate personnel treat each element. We detect lip movement and shape, start and finish of each line, and any additional sounds that might be necessary. It’s a job much more complex than a straight translation, there is so much more than just the written text to take into consideration.

We use the most up to date and innovative software on the market to increase output of the production, and while simultaneously reducing strain on staff members and actors. VoiceQ along with ProTools 10 provides an excellent prompting (Rythmoband) solution for a new era in dubbing which is extremely versatile, and allows our actors and directors to focus on the performance, instead of the synchronization minutiae.
We also thoroughly look over all materials with our client before starting a production, often finding elements that could greatly improve the efficiency of the production, thanks to our excellent data management and automation software.

Whether you need to dub your project to French, German, or even Japanese, bring it on !


Often times a simple translation would not properly reintegrate with the original product. When translating a book, this is never a problem. Now imagine translating an animated series, from English to French (where the same sentence in French is typically about 30% longer than in English).

Some of the factors to take into consideration are time constraints, pacing and pauses, syllable count, syllable shape, etc. Frequently it comes down to what we like to call “The Godzilla Effect”. Are you comfortable with the final product looking like a 1960s era Godzilla film adapted for the American market?… We didn’t think so! This is why we employ the most cutting edge technology such as VoiceQ and ProTools, along with experienced personnel and automation software. We eliminate guess work from synchronizing the target language to the original, save countless hours, and allow our actors to focus on the performance, instead of the synchronization.

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