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In-House Casting

A major advantage Agile Entertainment has, that very few production houses share: an in-house casting company. Total Casting isn’t simply a division of Agile Entertainment, but it’s own company, that operates under our roof and works closely with our staff members. Total Casting has developed an outstanding reputation in Montreal, being trusted to cast major motion pictures, animated series, AAA video games, nationwide commercials, and more, across every media.

Led by Helene Rousse, Total Casting has been thriving for 20 years and is fully accredited: C.S.A. (Casting Society of America), C.D.C. (Casting Directors of Canada), ADCQ, UDA, IGDA, FTCNM (Women in Film) and basically any other anagram you can think of. She and her team have built great connections with every talent agency in Montreal, Toronto, and many international agencies around the world. They maintain a roster of every type of artist imaginable that ranges in the thousands. Total Casting also specializes in finding the right star for your film or voice project.

When you have such a heavy hitter just a few office spaces down, it’s easy to quickly realize what is necessary to effectively and efficiently complete any production, whether it’s a telephone system voice over, or a 85 character animated series. All productions receive a highly specialized attention to detail, with casting directors, project managers, and most importantly, Helene Rousse herself, overseeing every tiny aspect, and delivering results that simply cannot be matched by a production house without such dedicated staff members.

Total Casting also offers STAR CASTING for when you need a well known celebrity or two on your project. They have booked actors ranging from Jason Statham to John Lithgow.

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    Total Casting

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