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Video Games

Agile Entertainment is no stranger to video game production. We’ve worked with virtually every AAA developer. EA, Ubisoft, Gameloft, KOEI… the list goes on. We understand that frequently the voice recording and localization of even a major title is last minute and work around the clock to make sure you make your deadline.

Our team will breakdown your project to make sure we deliver exactly what you need, in the most efficient way possible. We will work out a proper budget and schedule, determining which lines require special care (Lip Sync / Strict Time Constraint) which can be churned out like a well organized assembly line, thanks to excellent project management tools, years of experience, and the latest production and automation software.

Our in-house casting company (Total Casting) will help you build breakdowns, cast via demo reel or live auditions, and can book either union or non-union talent.

Whether you are looking to record just the original language, or adapt the entire game to EFIGS (and more), our staff of project managers, adapters, directors, script supervisors and engineers will lend you their expertise, to ensure you game is completed on time, on budget, and beyond expectations.

See our YouTube page for more clips of projects we’ve worked on.

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