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Often dubbed as The Most European City In North America, Montreal is well known as a melting pot of different ethnicities and languages. With close proximity to Toronto and New York, Montreal is the go-to city when it comes to translation. Not only do we have an excellent roster of translators on hand, but access to a massive talent bank of actors from every corner of the world as well.

Simply translating a product for the EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) is a piece of (delicious) cake. How about Japanese? Or Creole? Not only do our translators adapt your project to a target market, we even take into account the specific dialect of the region you wish to target. Will this be a French project for the Quebec market? Or would a more international French be more acceptable?

Most importantly, we employ SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for each of the translations we provide. Should it be a medical product demonstration, or an aeronautical training program our translators speak the language(s).

WRITING AND REVISION SERVICES available with our various writers.

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