Making sound seem simple! - L'audio, c'est notre affaire!

Audio | Video Production

Our audio department can cut the “h” out of “the”, our animators can make fighting a virus look like World War Z, and our producers can get your corporate instructional video nominated for an Emmy (if there was a category for Best Performance by a Trainee).

Our clients often need that extra little bit of help completing their project, which makes Agile Entertainment an excellent fit for them. Sometimes it’s as simple as finishing a mix for a freshly localized project, or adding background music to a commercial or medical animation in which we produced the voice over. Or, you might need a full green screen, actors, directors, script supervisors, animators, foley artist, you name it!
We’ve been in the business for 20 years and there are very few types of production we haven’t worked extensively on.

Even if you only have an idea and rough script fleshed out, our team will work closely with you and help make your vision a finished production.

To see some of our productions, we invite you to go see our YouTube channel.


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